what are grinberg method online sessions?

The Grinberg Method uses body attention, perception and direct experience to stop what’s between you and what you want to achieve. In one-on-one video sessions, you will be guided by a practitioner in learning through your body and reclaiming your unique potential, step by step. With online sessions, the Grinberg Method is now near you, anywhere you are!


In this video you will hear from Avi Grinberg, founder of the Grinberg Method, about the unique access online sessions have for your healing.

What our clients say

E. V., Greece

I have been suffering from eating disorders for almost 15 years, seeing the body as something really alien. The Grinberg method is helping me to reconnect with it, leaving aside feelings of guilt and inadequacy. It is amazing how the body responds in each session and even more finding again this awareness in the daily life. Finally I can feel when I am hungry/full and what I’d like to eat, feelings I had completely lost in the past years.

Our Weekly Exercises

Disconnect from the device

Weekly exercise: "Disconnect from the device".

This week we will take our phone out of the room every night before we go to bed. In the morning we will wait at least half an hour, from the moment we wake up until the moment we touch the phone.

Recommendations for those who want to succeed in practice and profit from it:

  1. buy an alarm clock
  2. buy two interesting books and read them before going to bed.
  3. to put a small note on the dresser that says: "How was the quality of sleep tonight"? and to reflect and answer every morning.
  4. Plan in advance what you will do in the first half hour of the day to avoid touching your phone.

Why did I choose this exercise?

Because I'm addicted to my phone and want to find other ways to deal with that addiction. Because I know how important sleep quality is and I am trying to find ways to improve it. Because I am very interested in seeing what impact exercise has on my sleep quality and my quality of life in general. Because the cell phone is replacing important human interactions.

Playing around with your cell phone before bed is often a waste of time and energy. This activity creates a buzz in the head that interferes with relaxation before bed. It hurts the neck and hands, because of the posture. It hurts the eyes, the strong light before bedtime does not allow them to adjust to sleep.

Also, studies show that sleeping near the phone is unhealthy because of the radiation.

So let's try to keep all that away from us this week.

This exercise is more challenging than the others, but I highly recommend giving it a try. We have become so accustomed to our phones that we don't even realize how addicted we are and what a powerful influence our addiction has on us.

Tell us if you dare to give it a try 😉

Take off the shirt

Weekly exercise: "Take off your shirt".

This week we will take off a shirt every day at home for half an hour. We will do exactly the same things, only without a shirt. We'll take care of privacy, close the windows so we can't be seen, and move around freely at home.

Also, we sleep at night without a shirt. In general, we will try to take off a shirt often this week.

A few more details for those interested.
Why is it better to be shirtless every day?

We were all born completely naked. Other animals stay naked their whole lives. We cover ourselves, it has become such an ingrained and strong norm that we can say we must wear clothes. Think for a moment about the consequences of being naked....

The benefits are that clothes protect us from the weather: Sun, cold, rain and so on. Clothes also protect us from debris and injuries. The clothes cover our intimate areas, which we have learned to be ashamed of, and provide hygiene and cleanliness in this area.

The big disadvantage is that we get used to not seeing or feeling the body. Once the body is covered, an illusion of distance is created, as if the covered body is not us. Instead of feeling the whole body, something strange happens: the feeling of our "I" is somewhere behind the eyes, as if a little person is pulling the strings. Pay attention to whether this is true of you.

This distance from the body is negligence on our part, we do not allow it to be in the present, in the flow and natural. Let's think of a small example: We sit at home, occupy ourselves with the computer and then think about eating something. When we wear a shirt, we don't see our stomach and feel it less. In such a case, we may make a decision with our head instead of our stomach - which knows what is good for it.

Our body is full of wisdom and intelligence, it knows exactly how to breathe, how to walk, rest, digest, pump blood from the heart. When we distance ourselves from our body's senses we harm its incredible functions. Therefore, we should really make sure that we don't lose contact with our body, that's why I chose this exercise. It's a small step to raise awareness for the body.

Good luck to all of us!



The Medicine of Laughter

Weekly Exercise: "The Medicine of Laughter".

This week we will laugh for 3 minutes every day 🤣.

How are we going to do this?

First we will stand up, take air out of our mouths while bouncing our diaphragm and making sounds: ah ah ah ah. At first it will sound like a car that won't start, that's how we warm up. In the next phase we add a smile and just allow ourselves to laugh, you can think or remember something really funny.

It is very advisable to do the exercise in pairs or in a small group, because there is a great chance that the others will make us laugh, and also because laughter is very contagious.

More details for those who are interested.

Laughter is medicine, perhaps the best medicine in the world!!! And it's free. Many studies have proven the health benefits of laughter, and our personal experience can confirm this. After a good laugh we feel great, the body is relaxed and comfortable, the breath is open and full, and the atmosphere we are in is just fun - real positivity.

Laughter activates our diaphragm, which is very important for our breathing, and helps it to let go so that it can reach its full potential, rising and falling completely. Physically, laughter opens up all of our systems.

Mentally, laughter is the best medicine for seriousness and complacency. It is so easy for us adults to get caught up in seriousness, heaviness, stress, worry, frustration and anger. Laughter can dissolve this in a second without effort, like a samurai wielding a sword. When we truly laugh, there are no thoughts at all! This is a moment of pure calm and deep joy.

This week's exercise comes from a starting point of learning to laugh more, which is changeable and we should really invest in it. As they say: Fake it until you make it.

I chose this exercise after attending a laughter workshop last week by Chananel Aami Dr. Laughter - חננאל אמיתי דוקטור צחוק It was perfect!!! There I learned the technique of how to create a laugh. In addition to the workshop, Chananel explains how with the help of laughter it is possible to collect and release "heavy emotions" (heavy emotions) from the belly. The exercise is also inspired by Osho's laughter meditation.

Good luck to all.

And I really recommend doing the exercise, preferably in pairs, for a total of 3 minutes a day.... Easy peasy 🤣🤣🤣

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