Life is constantly evolving: Who we are, what we face, the environment we live in. 

The world is constantly changing. 


We might think we know who we are: our strengths, difficulties and limitations. 

“I am shy.” “I am not good at mathematics.” “I don't express emotion.”

But, just like everything that is alive in this world, we are meant to evolve and grow. 


To grow beyond our usual boundaries - how we think about ourselves and how we think about life - is freeing and super scary. In myths, fairy tales and stories, we are told of the journey of the hero who finds the courage in spite of fear and uncertainty to jump off the cliff, step in front of the dragon, start on the journey into the unknown and end up transformed, more free and more powerful. 


Growing beyond our boundaries and expanding into our actual potential is not a myth. Taking the next step might go beyond our intellect. But it is not beyond our bodies. 


Just like the hero of stories has a helper, we have the body. Through the body we get grounded into the reality of the situation. And in our body we also find all the tools and ingredients needed to realize ourselves: to become confident where we thought we were shy, decisive where we used to step back and committed to our passions where we used to give up.


The next step might be to digest some old suffering to have more space and energy for the new, to learn a new way of dealing with a certain emotion, to develop willpower or confidence in public, or to let go of too much activity and feel the need to rest, enjoy or travel.


The more we get used to going forward in the process of becoming ourselves, the more we find out that who we are is an intriguing mystery yet to be discovered. 

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