Being connected to the body's sensations will allow us to stay in tune with our basic needs. The ability to feel the body and access that information will help us keep the body healthy and our energy strong. The body knows best what kind of food is right and how many hours of sleep are appropriate today.


Feeling our heart's desires can help guide our actions and decision-making process with less struggle and less doubt. When we are in contact with what we really want we will make the relevant steps and find the courage to make our dreams reality.


When we are in contact with the body, it's natural to know if a situation or the people around us are a good fit, draining our energy or worse. If there is danger, fear will arise in the body and will make us run to a safe place before we even realize what happened. In a similar way,when we encounter projects, work opportunities or collaborations, being in contact with the whole body perception and not just with our mind´s reasoning, increases our chances of choosing what is right for us now. 


Our will is most powerful when sustained through not only the mind but our entire being. Through the body we can access the kind of persistent determination that gives us strength to not give up when obstacles are in our way. 

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Teaching body attention to improve your well being!