After an injury, accident, surgery or illness we are challenged to get back to health and find our strength. 


In our daily lives we all encounter pain and have different responses to that pain. The attempt not to feel pain, to distract oneself or to become very emotional about it usually prolongs the suffering.


Medication and medical care can help, but an essential part of the healing is done by the body itself. Making an effort to support the body´s work can speed up recovery. In order to repair itself the body needs energy and an open attitude/approach.


Everyone knows acute pain in daily life. Sometimes- as with tooth pain - it calls for a visit to a dentist. Other times - as with hitting a toe on the carpet - we can deal with the pain on our own. Did you ever try to approach and feel pain directly, to breathe and to relax into it? It's possible to learn how to do this, and the immediate result might surprise you. 


When suffering from recurring pain like headache, low back pain, stiff neck, etc., we can learn to identify the signals before it builds up and deal with it on the spot. If we missed an earlier chance to take care of our pain, we can learn how to reduce or even stop it now.


The first thing a person needs after surgery is a lot of rest and passivity in order to let the body do its primary job of healing. Anesthesia leaves its traces: physically there is often nausea, emotionally there is an amount of fear to digest and to transform into healing power. A recovery process immediately following surgery can support you with processing the overall experience.


Pregnancy and giving birth are challenges in many different ways. Receiving online sessions during difficult phases or in the days after labor can be an amazing support.

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