What we experienced in the past impacts our present. 


A history of neglect, abuse, scarcity, abandonment or loss, experienced without support or a safe place to process it, can shape the way we see ourselves and life dramatically.


When our emotional state and the way we think or react are influenced by past events, they cloud our experience of the present. To live our lives as a continuation or repetition of what hurt us in the past is the bleak reality of many. 


Constant fear, anxiety, low self esteem, a feeling of being worthless, or feeling ashamed can all be the result of what happened to us in the past, even if it was many years ago. We are left with a sense of unrest and tension, the need to hide and pretend, or the need to stay in control. All of these ways of coping are exhausting.


We all deserve to be able to relax into the body, into ourselves, and feel safe and at home. The body provides us with a way of digesting old fear and hurt and allowing present emotions in a way that is more simple and natural and enables us to get back our energy. Reclaiming our power allows us to stop the limiting influence of the past and frees us to move forward into a more fulfilling life.

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