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Online sessions are just one aspect of this way of working. The Grinberg Method was developed by Avi Grinberg as bodywork using touch. Over time, many tools developed to apply the method in different ways: Individual sessions with touch, online sessions, SMOVE movement training, group training, etc.

Discover a variety of resources dedicated to the Grinberg Method below. Get to know the work in depth through articles, videos upcoming events, blogs and recommendations from practitioners all over the world.

Videos about the Method and Interviews with Avi Grinberg

Avi Grinberg, "The origin and essence of the Grinberg Method" Avi Grinberg is an integrative body-mind expert, teacher, author, and founder of the Grinberg Method®. In this candid talk with international management consultant Shmuel Merhav, his longtime friend and client, Avi discusses the early influences on his work, as well as key concepts of his approach, including the importance of body attention and teaching and learning through the body.

Guided Trainings with Avi Grinberg These videos were created during the lockdown and were meant to support people online around the world during that time. It was also an important impetus to further develop the online work of the Grinberg Method.

Ohad Naharin & Batsheva Company dancers meet Avi Grinberg A breathtaking documentary about the collaboration of two people who, out of their passion to work with the human body, have developed new ways and methods that have found worldwide appeal.

ORF Schöner Leben, "Über die Grinberg Methode"

Books from Avi Grinberg

Avi Grinberg, "Becoming Yourself, Body attention and the fulfillment of potential"

Avi Grinberg, "Becoming Yourself, Body attention and the fulfillment of potential"

Avi Grinberg, "Fear Pain and other Friends"

Articles about the Method and Avi Grinberg

The GUARDIAN, "The stress buster" Natasha Reid was desperate to treat her crippling panic attacks without drugs. But neither hypnotherapy nor cognitive behavioural therapy did any good. Finally, she stumbled upon the Grinberg method ...

VICE MAGAZINE, "The Grinberg Method"

KOPFGEWITTER, "Die Grinberg Methode, Lernen mit dem Körper - Selbstbestimmt & beschwerdefrei"

Carpe Diem, "Was die Fußreflexzonenmassage à la Grinberg alles kann" Unsere Füße spiegeln unseren körperlichen Zustand wider. Von der Grinberg-Methode und ein erstaunlich simpler DIY-Tipp., "Zu einer neuen Haltung kommen"

KURIER, "Mit Grinberg körperliche und seelische Blockaden lösen"

Official Weblinks

In these international schools you can learn to become a practitioner of the Grinberg Method. You will be trained in the fundamentals of the Method in a three-year-long education. In these studies you will not be trained to work online. This requires experience after you have completed the coursework and passed the exam to be a qualified practitioner.

GRINBERG METHOD, official website

IAGMP, International Association of Grinberg Method Practitioners

YOUTUBE CHANNEL, Grinberg Method


FRANCE, Formation professionelle Prendre Corps Selon la methode Grinberg

GERMANY, Body Learning School

ITALY, Body Learning school ​​Grinberg Methodology

ITALY, Be Your Body Academy Grinberg Method

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