How it works

develop body attentionand achieve the changeyou want in your life

The Grinberg Method

The Grinberg Method teaches people how to reconnect to their natural potential. It offers simple and effective tools to recover the whole body’s innate intelligence and ability to heal. It works with body attention as the key to achieve change in limiting conditions, personal development or recovery.

"As a psychotherapist I was not sure what to expect from a bodywork session online! But thanks to my curiosity I got involved and was so astonishingly thrilled how powerful verbally guided bodywork can be." (Taylor, USA)

Basic teachings

Taking back the responsibility for our lives and becoming more of who we really are is supported by specific skills you can adopt: 

Develop body attention
Drop the effort
Free your breathing
Transform pain
Allow your emotions
Let the body work

The steps of learning

In the custom tailored learning process you will be joined by your practitioner on your personal journey toward your aim. Some steps are crucial along the way: 

Identify or clarify your aim
Find out what is between you and your aim
Pay attention to the different levels of your experience
Stop what doesn't serve you
Allow the new to happen

Tools and techniques

To teach body attention we use:

Foot Analysis
Verbal guidance

The Grinberg Method®

Teaching body attention to improve your well being!