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A methodology that teachesbody awarenessto improve your wellbeing


Everyone who wants to stop  unhelpful patterns creating pain, tension, etc. or gain new skills for more quality of life can benefit from the Grinberg Method. You don’t need to know anything in advance, just be curious! There is no limitation in age, gender, work, or other backgrounds. Everyone may benefit individually in their private life and work. Below, you will find technical requirements for online sessions and different options to experience the Grinberg Method.


"As a psychotherapist I was not sure what to expect from a bodywork session online! But thanks to my curiosity I got involved and was so astonishingly thrilled how powerful verbally guided bodywork can be." (Taylor, USA)

What do I need to start?

  • good internet connection
  • safe meeting-tool like Zoom,...
  • a wide screen like a computer or tablet is best
  • a well-positioned camera, so the practitioner can see you fully standing and laying down
  • earphones are not recommended

Where do I need to be?

  • a place to move and lay down
  • you should not lay on the hard floor - at a minimum, a yoga mattress or something similar
  • make sure you are in a private, quiet environment
  • it’s useful to have next to you: tissues, a glass of water
  • a blanket to cover yourself
  • an empty belly (better not to eat an hour before the session)

The procedure of an online session

The practitioner will start with foot analysis. The assessment gives you and the practitioner a clear description of your condition, on a physical level and in other areas, that relate to your aim. The practitioner will guide you verbally with instructions. You might sit, lay down or stand. The session is personalized to fit the client and their goal and condition. At the end the client will rest for approx. 10 minutes to digest the experience. After resting, there will be a short time for feedback about your experience and you might be given an assignment for the week, such as writing, breathing, or other exercises.


“I can have sessions even though there isn’t a practitioner in my city or country.” (Alice, Kenia)

The Grinberg Method®

Teaching body attention to improve your well being!