Kristyna Cejdikova

Becoming a Grinberg Method practitioner is the result of a very long journey of anger, sadness, loneliness, pain and fear. Pain for the planet, the animals and the people who suffer and it is so unfair. Fear of abandonment, of how to fit into this world and not being able to do something in my life that is meaningful and completely in line with my conviction, my love for movement and what allows me to live a life in freedom.


I knew I wanted to do something radical, something that would go where others wouldn't dare and really change things, that would give people real freedom, make them strong and happy and through that create a better place for everyone on this planet.


I was several times on the verge of giving up because of exhaustion, but I quickly gathered the energy to reach my goal, trusting that it is possible, that I will get there, and that everything that happens along the way (illness, loneliness, rejection, betrayal, pain, exhaustion, anger...) is necessary and good for my learning. Today, I know that trusting my visions, my body, myself, was the best I could do, and that everyone can do.


I followed my intuition since I was a child and learned what I found necessary to achieve my vision. Everything I learned and was convinced about, put together, means that today I can be at your side in your personal growth. I invite you, with my support, to learn and integrate this freedom, power and confidence into your life and, by embodiment, regain the trust that the way you are is the right one. By learning to transform the fear and pain, you awaken and rediscover your known and/or hidden potential, regain your strength and become at home within yourself once again!


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Teaching body attention to improve your well being!