Susanne Potma

Rediscover your vibrant vitality


You want to…

…get to know your inner resources?

…walk through life feeling confident?

…experience your anger as a source of energy for the next steps forward?

…trust your gut feeling?

…learn how your fear can become your strength?

…feel at home in yourself?


Then I would love to work with you and support you in reaching your goals.


During your first session we will bring your issue, wish or concern into focus. And then you can start to discover new options for yourself.


Feel at home in yourself

Maybe you too have lost some of your inner strength along the way: A little of your courage here, a part of your curiosity there, a piece of your confidence or your charisma.

Then you need a chance to regain your power.


For this process your body is your most trusted companion. Through your body you can learn to regain access to inner resources that were lost along the way. Working with your body enables you to realize how you are blocking yourself. At the same time you learn how to free yourself in order to rediscover your strength and your vitality.


I look forward to working with you.


About me

Investing my energy in tasks or projects that support a person, a group or our world, is what I am most passionate about. 

Witnessing how an individual steps into their personal power I find magical. That is life in its essence to me. Here I find new courage and the motivation to make more of my dreams a reality.


Nature and the body are simple and strong. For me working with the body is the most reliable way to regain a sense of what is real. On my journey through life I often encounter fear and pain. Thanks to bodywork and Avi Grinberg, one of my teachers, I have learned to deal with that pain in a different way. And I experience fear differently: instead of it working against me, fear is on my side working for me. 


Feeling vivid and alive means to me living with as much presence and as much commitment to being true to myself as possible. Sometimes living vividly means feeling my fear, relaxing into it as much as I can in order to gain strength for the next step. Living vividly means to me living my life in personal freedom and daring to follow my heart. 


After years of living abroad my husband and I are back in Vienna, where I work in my beloved session room on the edge of the city. Close to water, trees and a piece of land, where we grow organic food in cooperation with a group of amazing people. Be it in my dance group, while sewing, writing, making pottery, wood-carving or while talking to a person who is dear to me: what drives me is my desire to stay vividly alive. 




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