Give a touch

Weekly exercise: "Give a touch".

This week you can touch someone for 5 minutes every day.

We will ask for their permission, of course, and ask which part of their body they prefer to be touched. How did we touch? We allow the hands and fingers the freedom to touch how they feel and trust that if we pay attention, we will know what to do.

Breathe slowly, feel comfortable in your body, be open and fully present to the sensation of touch. Determine what the other person's body is asking for and we will give it. We will feel what the situation wants from us.

It is better to touch a person (parents, siblings, spouse, friends, grandparents, sons, uncles, etc.). If we can't find a person, we work with a dog, cat or other animal. If the "H" is not available, we work with a tree or a flower pot.

A few more details for those interested.

We are a social animal and as such we need contact. Contact is a form of communication and a way to express love, appreciation and warmth, among other things. Studies have shown that an infant cannot survive without contact. Yet we tend not to think of contact as a real need, but rather as a luxury.

In recent years, people have touched each other much less, especially in the last two years since Corona began. The fear of getting infected, of catching a cold, and the fear that the other person is afraid to get close have created a situation where we simply avoid contact - a hug, a kiss, a handshake.

This period of social distancing and closure has exacerbated the problem of loneliness, which has become more prevalent in recent years. While social networks are booming, physical contact is slowly becoming taboo in today's reality.

We hide this fact in terms such as:

  • Social distancing, Social isolation.

If we were honest, we would call a spade a spade.

  • Physical isolation.

We are physically far from each other and closer to the screen. The aim of the exercise is to regain the vertex, to get closer and not to be afraid of touch.

Touch is a very great gift that we can give, that's the purpose of the exercise - to give touch generously. And when we touch someone, we allow them to touch us as well. It is a giving and receiving at the same time, a magic that words cannot describe.

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