Your Benefits

A way ofbecoming more of yourselfto explore your potential

Thinking and Perception
  • Sharpening the senses
  • Silencing the mind
  • Seeing the big picture
  • Being able to concentrate
Heart’s Desires and Will
  • Saying what matters
  • Feeling confident
  • Knowing what I want
  • Getting through a heartbreak
Doing and Implementing
  • Realizing one’s dreams
  • Being in relations with others
  • Making authentic choices
  • Striving for success
Flow and digestion of emotions
  • Allowing fear
  • Feeling intense emotions
  • Digesting old emotions
  • Trusting the gut feeling
Wellbeing and Health
  • Breathing freely
  • Being able to recover
  • Being resilient
  • Releasing physical tension
Needs and Body-Wisdom
  • Listening to the body’s signals
  • Satisfying basic needs
  • Being in motion
  • Caring for oneself and others

Your current state

Maybe you want to achieve a certain quality in yourself or develop further on a personal level. Maybe there is a constant stress, a long lasting pain or a lack of confidence that you meet while trying to reach your goals. Or maybe you are in a state of pain and suffering that makes it impossible for you to even remember your dreams and wishes. A practitioner will work with you to explore your possibilities.

"I felt so tired and such a heaviness and did not understand why." Jessica, Dubai

What you can achieve

There is a lot you can learn and gain. 
You will focus on developing certain qualities, reducing a form of suffering or on achieving a specific goal.


Here is a hint of what you can get: 

Discover your body as a resource

Reconnect with your body and gain clarity and energy for your daily life.

  • Notice your basic needs
  • Feel your heart's desires
  • Make clear decisions
  • Have a strong will
Find a way to process stress

Experience the power and pleasure of feeling your emotions.

  • Learn to relax
  • Work with, not against your emotions
  • Be at ease with intensity
  • Deal with the situation at hand
Get well

Befriend pain and learn to use its vigor for healing.

  • Deal with acute pain
  • Deal with recurring pain
  • Support your recovery
  • Be at ease with your pregnancy
Dare the next step

Make your dreams a reality.

  • Transform hurt into strength
  • Become free to move forward
  • See yourself differently
  • Feel safe in your body
Shake inconvenient habits

Rediscover all the possibilities - Bring the color back into your life.

  • Notice inconvenient habits
  • Keep relationships fresh
  • Be curious and flexible
  • Be in the moment
Transform past hurt

Learn to stop the past from dictating your present - Feel good with yourself.

  • Transform anguish into strength
  • Become free to move forward
  • See yourself differently
  • Feel safe in your body

The Grinberg Method®

Teaching body attention to improve your well being!